Your excellent and most professional crew has just completed placing a new roof on my house. I could not wait to tell you that this was the most professional crew I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing complete a job.

When the job was completed they did things that I have never seen or heard being done before. Their cleanup efforts were superb, and they corrected things that needed to be corrected that were not even their responsibility. Little things like adding an extra nail in the gutter, picking up that piece of paper that was not theirs. All and all, this is the finest roofing job that I have ever had done or witnessed being done. Thank you and your troops for being available to the public.

This entire job came about due to the fine work of Roy Watters. Roy was next door looking at a roof and noticed mine. He came over and rang my door bell and told me that my roof was in bad shape and that I really needed a new roof on my house. I told him I was disabled and didn't have a lot of money to spend on a new roof at this time. Thinking more about about customer service than the "bottom line", he went up and inspected the roof for free and told me the damage he noted was wind damage and was covered under insurance. I told him that I had tried to claim damage from Hurricane Ike and was told I was getting nothing from the insurance company. He told me to have an adjuster come to the house and he would be here to make sure the adjuster was aware of all the damage on my roof. Following his instructions I went to my insurance company and they sent out an adjuster. The adjuster agreed I needed a new roof.

Without Roy Watters I would not have a new roof on my house. Roy is a professional’s professional, and stayed with me through the entire process, lending his expertise in roofing and dealings with insurance companies. Roy has impressed me with his care for the customer. He makes you feel that you are buying directly from him. He is the kind of man that you wish was there every day, in every store, in every place you shop. Roy makes you feel secure in your transactions.

- James M.

I am writing to praise you for all your help in replacing my roof after a wind storm in our area.  Feel free to tell any prospective customer of the professional job your company did in first getting the insurance company to pay for our roof and second the professional job you did the complete process of replacing our roof.  

To tell my story is first the insurance company came out offered a small amount to patch our roof.   Mr. Watters came out to give us a free evaluation of our roof.   Mr. Watters inspected our roof damage and informed us that in his opinion as a licensed insurance adjuster that our roof should be replaced by our insurance company.  He explained to us the process of getting a second inspection from the insurance company and was present for that inspection.  He was successful in getting insurance to pay for a complete roof.  At that time not only did he explain the quality roof he was going to install for us but also advised us upgrading our roof ventilation system to save us hundreds and possibly thousands on our utility bill, and also explained how doing so would possibly make our home last longer with less maintenance and probably help my family’s health. We were kelp informed and advised throughout the whole process and now have a beautiful roof with average lower utility bills to match.

Could not recommend a better company!

- Betsi M.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your professional work that your company did on my roof. Everyone from the top down was very courteous and treated me with respect. All of the work was finished in a timely manner with very little disruption of our lives. We will be sure to recommend you and your company to our friends and neighbors.

- Barbara W.

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