Seven Ways To Make A Roof Last Longer

  1. Keep tree branches from touching the roof. They can cause damage to the shingles, the leaves can also clog your gutters.

  2. Check regularly for black streaks on your roof. If you find black streaks on the roof of your home they are most likely going to be either mold, algae or fungus. If this isn’t removed from the roof promptly it can actually eat away at the shingles and eventually lead to leaks. The north most side of your roof is especially vulnerable.

  3. Make sure your attic space is well ventilated to keep down mosture levels and prevent growth of moss.

  4. Wash your roof from the top down with a garden hose, washing from the bottom up can result in water in between shingles. If a simple rinse doesn’t suffice then using a long handled brush gently scrub the shingles.

  5. Check regularly for missing or damaged shingles especially after windstorms. When doing so you should also check for bent flashing. If you notice anything wrong with either your shingles or flashing call a professional as soon as possible to prevent any leaks witch could lead to far more extensive damage. (drywall replacement, mold, etc…)

  6. Always be sure to keep your gutter clear from debris and remove snow and ice promptly from the roof. Failure to due so can lead to ice dams preventing water from leaving the roof.

  7. Check all Interior walls, ceilings, exterior vents and chimneys for signs of water leaks. If you find any evidence of a leak please notify a professional at your earliest convenience. Please note that stopping a leak early can cut repair costs by more than 75%.

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